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Lance Como Boat Maintenance guruWelcome to Boat Repair and Maintenance... I'm Lance Como. For over 30 years I have been repairing and rebuilding my boats – some for sailing, some for motoring – and documenting my work in hopes my information will be helpful to others who share a passion for boats of all kinds.

My travels in search of the best products for boat repair and maintenance along with rebuilding have led me to recognize, through trial and error, success and test, some of the highest quality and cost-effective choices in the industry. My DIY Boat and Repair Maintenance website, therefore, will be offering many of these proven products for sale.

As I expand this site with “how-to” articles and project photos, I hope to provide my readers a chance to learn new skills and make their own repairs and choices for boat maintenance. If you are rebuilding a boat, you will find a growing list of articles, photos and videos on just about all parts of a boat. From my 50-foot “Chris Craft Constellation” to a trailerable 23-foot “Aquarius” sailboat and now a 1966 Columbia C26 MK I "classic", I've had to work with wood, fiberglass and metal when repairing and rebuilding my boats... often using epoxy repair kits, fast cure epoxy, flexible adhesives, epoxy sealers and teak cleaners. In addition, I encourage visitors to send me information on their projects to share with other do-it-yourselfers like me. This site is designed to help us all learn and keep our good old boats on the water.

American Safety AS-175 non-skid on Aquarius A23MARINE-TEX® EPOXY PUTTY, ADHESIVE, SEALER AND TE-KA™

I will carry several products which I have personally used over the years. These include Marine-Tex Epoxy Putty, FlexSet™, Rapid-Set fast cure epoxy and Gluvit™ epoxy sealer. I have found Marine-Tex to be superior in strength and dependability. I have used Marine-Tex epoxy to bond and fill wood and Fiberglass and Marine-Tex Te-Ka™ teak cleaner to keep my decks looking new!

Additionally, we carry Smooth Sailing™ teflon copper and urethane boat bottom paints. Smooth Sailing's teflon copper marine bottom paint will provide you with a solid, long-lasting bottom coating which prevents formations from attaching to the bottom of your boat keeping bottom clean, while reducing drag. Durall products have a proven track record in stopping growth while giving the racer an extremely slippery coating on their hulls which can provide an edge in performance.

Finally, Boat Repair and Maintenance is designed to be a friendly, interactive site in which boat enthusiasts around the U.S. can buy high-quality products, as well as, share and learn information about boating repair projects. I will continue to add project data, images, tutorials and more to give my visitors a clear understanding of how projects were tackled and detailed instructions to keep their boats afloat year after year.

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I have a special arrangement with Smooth Sailing where I can pass along some savings to you. I've been using Smooth Sailing Antifouling for 5 years with excellent results. It's copper additive keeps the growth away and the non-stick coating has given my Columbia 26 more speed.

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Anastasia IV
1966 Classic
Columbia C26 MK I

Columbia C26 quarter view on trailer Columbia C26 MK I port aft locker Columbia C26 MK I rare A4 inboard option Columbia C26 MK I upper aircraft style storage Columbia C26 MK I starboard view floating
Columbia C26 MK I custom cabinets galley Aquarius A23 at dock Columbia C26 MK I additional side stays Columbia C26 MK I galley Columbia C26 MK I Matrix 2150 AIS/DSC radio

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