1969 Bristol 42 Offshore

Purchased in early April 2022, this classic trawler was designed the Eldredge-McInnis naval architecture firm. This boat was purchase from a retired commercial Lobsterman and is in need of a makeover after years of cruising the East Coast. Look for updates as we go thru every inch of the great boat.


1972 Grand Banks 32-247 Classic

Purchased in late Aug 2013 this well experienced classic "woodie" thinking it'd take at least 2+ years to get her back in to Loop-ready condition. On 17 Sep 2020 the Lucky Maru began its third Great Loop. Now in New Bern NC and for sale... what an adventure this has been.


1976 Uniflite 36DC Aft Cabin

Those who understand the phrase "a boat is a hole in the water'? Well as I've been restoring the GB32, this Uniflite was going thru the same process. Previous owner gave up after he got the expensive stuff out of the way... gonna be a great boat.


1967 Columbia C26 MKI

After getting in to sailing with the Aquarius I wanted to get something more Lake Superior capable. This C26 came along after the previous owner passed on. Bill Wold was a master at working with FRP... will explain more as this site expands. I took an amazing little bluewater vessel and made it better.


1973 Aquarius A23 pop-top

My first sailboat... wanted something I could work on, equip the way I wanted, and trailerable. The Aquarius A23 fit the bill. Sure the deck needed to be recored, portlights bedded, new Bomar hatch and Air-Only ventilation... but what a hoot.

1960 owens sea skiff express restoration


1960 30' Owens Sea Skiff Express

My first learning experience. I thought a little paint, get the engines running, and off I go to explore the Mighty Mississippi. Well didn't quite go as planned as a full summer later I had sistered a dozen frames, replaced the chines, and learned how to bend planks. She turned out beautiful...


1954 Chris-Craft

Was living in a converted 1966 BlueBird schoolbus in Delray Beach, FL. Was with my good friend Jim Reid... well I got let go for doing my job at the Holiday Inn and Jim got some work maintaining Jack's Chris-Craft. I got a job at Marlingspike where I fell in love with wood boats.