GB32 1971-75 Factory Construction Plans

For my Grand Banks friends the link provides has a wealth of information... everything from windows and planks to fastener schedules. Many of the construction drawings apply to about every model. If you have questions or want to pick my brain send me a note.

GB32 Construction Plans download

8 thoughts on “GB32 1971-75 Factory Construction Plans”

  1. Thank you for sharing this most valuable information. Much appreciated.
    Grand Banks 32-478 (Compass Rose)
    Safe Harbor City Marina
    Beaufort, SC

  2. Many Thanks for sharing.
    Any idée where to find similar material related to GB 50 Europa ?
    (1973 Hull 47 Diego Suarez)

    1. No problem… I am afraid I can’t help you with the Europa. As I said to another, if your craft is wood a lot of what is within the GB32 plans probably apply to much of the construction of your boat.

      1. Maybe send me some of your photos… I can add them to the site. Just thinking maybe I should add a section for GB Owners or any boats for that matter. I no longer have a GB, redoing a Bristol 42 Offshore now (along with a Uniflite 36DC in Duluth MN)… so any boats questions are welcomed.

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